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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Tartan - My Current Obsession

My current obsession is Tartan. I have collected many Tartan images on Pinterest over the past year or so and thought I would finally share them with you since Tartan is a big thing this Autumn / Winter. I have mentioned tartan on my blog before back in 2011 and as I said in my last post (find it here http://no-debutante.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/punk-rockabily-and-tartan-army.html ) I have always liked tartan, it's like camouflage print for me, I would be happy wearing it continuously long after tartan has been declared dead by the fashion police. I really have become more and more put off  following trends and to be honest have become quite contrary with fashion and feel the need to wear a thing especially if it has been declared as a fashion no-no. However, since tartan is very big this Autumn/ Winter (and nearly every A/W season for that matter) I have had no trouble in sourcing tartan items from the high street and beyond to share with you.
The first tartan dresses are Courtney Love inspired baby dolls, one is from my favourite AW13 show Saint Laurent and the other is Primark's version. I did not see this dress in Primark on my last Primark Sunday but I love it and want it!

I had to show you the Midi Kilts from Asos, they look terrifying to most (even me) but I am channelling Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks (in the images below the Midi kilts) this high school Lolita works the midi skirt and I cannot encourage you enough to watch Twin Peaks, it is amazing!

The Harajuku girl has been working the tartan kilt for years, it has never really been away with her as far as I can see from all my years of collecting Fruits books and magazines and more recently following online! These Japanese kids of cool wear theirs with tucked in tees, bomber jackets and creeper shoes with ankle socks and are not afraid to mix their tartans! 

Topshop have gone for the shorter version of the kilt and the tartan shorts are pretty cool. Peephole biker boots seem to be the shoe of choice to wear with your kilt for the Brit Girl.

Tartan and Punk are always linked, I had this image of my fashion heroine Vivenne Westwood on my Pinterest board alongside the Made Me photoshoot of the girl wearing her tartan mini kilt with a Slutz tee I loved the styling of this shoot which I found in TLG magazine earlier this year (and I haven't seen a single copy of it since - some investigating is needed here) Check out more from Made Me here http://mademe.bigcartel.com/ and TLG Magazine here http://tlgmagazine.com/

Inspired by Vivienne Westwood's Tartan suit I went looking on the high street for something similar (a tartan suit can be a dangerous thing on the wrong person) I came across two pairs of sportluxe styles, a sequin tartan two piece from Topshop that seemed so wrong, it's right and the tartan hareems at Asos which are pretty punk inspired.

I love the image of the girl in the green tartan mini pinafore and leather jacket, It has been a favourite on my Pinterest board so I have found a version of the green pinafore from Asos, very cute (and very short - 150 denier tights a must!).

Check out the Sunset Boulevard grunge chicks they look great with the tartan a-line minis, backpacks, long socks and biker boots. 

Of course, I had to show you what Vivien of Holloway have to offer in tartan, check out the tartan circle skirt straight off of the set of Grease and worn with a petticoat, it's so dreamy.....Vivien of Holloway also offer lots of pencil skirt styles in tartan in loads of different colours so get on their website and start crying about how you can't possibly own it all!! http://www.vivienofholloway.com/

Lastly, I had to feature the Buffalo Stance fashion story from August Vogue UK, I fell in love with the styling instantly, it's a mix of Vivenne Westwoods Pirate collection with inspiration from 1990s John Galliano smeared all over it! I have been really inspired by it and had to share it with you. There was a lot of tartan featured in the story and I have chosen a couple of images on this occasion but I love them all! Check out Freja Beha Erichsen working the look here https://www.myfdb.com/editorials/131916-vogue-british-editorial-buffalo-stance-august-2013
 Randomly whilst shopping the look on the high street I found these patchwork jeans at Zara which were totally inspired by the Junya Watanabe jeans in the Buffalo Stance story. This version remind me of some jeans I had when I was a kid in the late 1980s, I am unsure about them but I am tempted to go and try them on!!

Oh, Tartan I love you! How about you guys? To wear Tartan or to not wear Tartan??

Keep following to see how I wear tartan over the winter months and go get yours as it's all over the high street!  Thanks for reading xx

All images courtesy of http://www.vivienofholloway.com  http://www.zara.com http://www.vogue.co.uk http://www.asos.com http://www.topshop.com http://mademe.bigcartel.com www.tumblr.com http://mashyumaro.tumblr.com http://fashiongrunge.com http://tokyofashion.com

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ND xx

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