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Monday, 7 October 2013

No Debutante - Pink Sunshine

Phew! I'm back in the blogging room! It's been a busy old week with work (I am soooo busy and seriously need a pay rise) I also attended my sons various sporting activities including Saturday morning football and a swimming gala, in which, I am very proud to announce, my son Lucian came third (in his first ever swimming gala) and came home with a bronze medal in Breast stroke! A-mazing!! Whilst all this is going on I have been living without a kitchen since last Wednesday, it's crazy but very exciting as my retro caravan kitchen diner is being fitted as we speak!! I will write a post on how the kitchen is going when we have made a little more progress and I cannot wait until it is ready!! 

Well, that's where I have been for the last few days. Let's get back onto some personal style looks from No Debutante!! I had just had my hair coloured pink in todays post, I went for a dip dye look this time - I have so many colour alternatives that I want to try that it is now becoming an obsession , as with the tattoos, did I say I have arranged a date for my first ever tattoo?? I am very excited and terrified at the same time....but that's another story.

The sun was still shining and I was still tightless, although the weather is still very mild in the UK at the moment, I am not braving the tights free look anymore, it's over! I chose to wear my Topshop peephole skater dress and my vintage denim pinafore dress both with frilly ankle socks and Dr Martens. I went through a few weeks of a Dr Martens wearing, centred parted hair, riot girl, grunge mood as you will see in the next few personal style posts.
I love wearing my hair down when it has just been pinked up and my hair is long enough now to be worn down and to look half decent in a centre parted 1990s style. After colouring my hair, my hair stylist Vikki Mac braided my hair, which I kept in until the next morning to create braid waves (not the official name for them, I think I may have made it up) it looked OK but it still isn't quite long enough to achieve the long, flowing, bohemian waves, I looked more like the 1980s toy dog Poochie, you remember Poochie, what the?? 
  Despite the Poochie after effects I am loving the style of my hair in the braids, I love braids(or plaits as we call them in the UK) It's such an easy thing to achieve, just braid up random sections of hair and pin them up. Tadaa! Effortless and effective. 
I love my Pink hair, thank you Vikki Mac!! For all of you who are local to Bristol, get yourself over to  Vidal Sassoon trained Vikki Mac's Hair Studio at Me Time Hair and Beauty https://www.facebook.com/decohairtotterdown 
She's the best kept secret in Bristol!! Well, she was....

Thanks so much for following, reading and just hanging out with me. I promise to be back very soon with more fashion fun! 
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ND  xx

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