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Monday, 28 October 2013

Teddy Girls

It has been a while since my last post due to my still (yes still) living in the bombsite whilst my retro kitchen caravan diner is being created. A lot has happened and it is looking great but amidst the chaos I have also managed to have guests staying over followed by a bad cold which knocked me for six! Anyhoo, back to this week and we have been visited by a hurricane in the UK, it really has not been as bad as it sounds to be honest, but bad weather and the school holidays do not mix and we're only on day one!! The promise of a trip to buy a pumpkin for Halloween has kept the boys sweet and whilst the baby sleeps I shall attempt to write a blog post that I have had waiting to go for a week, which for this blogger is very frustrating!

Today's post is influenced by Teddy Girls. I had collected a few images randomly on Pinterest over the past year or so and have now realised I seem to have loads and it's about time I shared them with you. I am very influenced by the 1950s, androgynous styling, punk and Rockabilly and the latter two inspirations were one way or another inspired by The Teds scene from the 1950s. I love tough, cool women and although there are great Teddy Boy photographs to share with you too, I just want to focus on the girls from the Ted Scene. I am going to show you some images from Ken Russell's Teddy Girls (the first Teddy Girls I noticed on Pinterest) up to the modern day versions of Teddy Girls and contemporary fashion shoots which I find really cool, tough and inspiring. 

Ken Russell's 'The Last of the Teddy Girls' series (images 1- 5) were photographed on the streets of war torn London during 1955 and are a fantastic example of early British youth subculture, some of the images look so contemporary that these girls could easily be seen as part of a British (or anywhere for that matter) subculture now. I was surprised how androgynous and tough some of these girls looked and I wonder how much of a shock it was at the time to see girls dressing this way? I love all of these photographs of Teddy Girls, whether they are original Teddy Girls or contemporary photoshoots, so let's stop talking and get on and with looking at these brilliant, tough and stylish Riot Grrrlls! 

All images are sourced from my Pinterest Boards and are courtesy of Ken Russell, Roger Mayne, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Chris Steele Perkins and Bust.com. I apologise for any missing contributors but I could not source where all the images came from originally. If anyone could help out with anyone I have missed out I will happily add them to the post! 

Thanks for reading and hello to my new followers! I promise not to leave it so long next time!!

ND xx

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