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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

No Debutante - Cool For Cats

I love leopard print, have done for years, I pretty much own every type of clothing and accessories possible to own in leopard print, except sunglasses, I need some leopard print sunglasses, then I'm there! Here are a couple of outfits from this Autumn which feature my favourite animal print.

The first outfit features my leopard print fur which is pretty much vintage H&M now, I wore it with my Miss Selfridge rose print skater dress and Converse with my hair swept up into a bun adding a bit of early sixties glamour to my Monday morning school run!

The second outfit features the denim and leopard print mix Primark shirt, denim cut offs and more leopard print on the Converse. I wore the outfit to work and this is as close as I get to smart /casual office wear. 
Can I just ask one thing? What is with Jeans Day in an office?? I don't want to be told when I can / should wear jeans. I don't miss my jeans so much that any chance to wear them, I do. Jeans Day just makes me not want to wear jeans if anything. How about you?

That was a short and sweet personal style post wasn't it? I am hoping to get another personal style post in before the weekend so watch this space for more of what I have been wearing this Autumn.

Love your leopard print and thanks for reading xx

ND xx

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