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Monday, 18 November 2013

Fendi Furrrrr

After a very slow burner of an Autumn here in the UK (with winter profits at Topshop and other high street stores at an all time low due to the very mild autumn weather we have been having) we are now told that we need to wrap up, apparently, the snow is a-comin!? Snow? I only just got used to wearing a jacket, now I have to wrap myself up in big coats, furs and knitwear? 

Since there are hundreds of unsold fur coats currently available on the high street let's get inspired by the Fendi AW collection and adorn ourselves in (fake) furs and add a few bags and head pieces to match, it's head to toe (fake please) furs this winter! I am not going to go on about wearing real or fake furs, it is the individuals choice, but since the Fendi furs have neon accents and look more Muppet fur than animal, then wear fake. Why would you want to wear real animal fur that has been made to look (colour wise) like Muppet fur?

Views aside, the collection looks great, I love the styling with it's mix of punk and tribal influences and the playful furry bags with the fur ball accessories with eyes! That sounds a bit sick too since it probably is real fur but I would love a fake fur version and they really do look Muppet-like! You know how I do love a bit of fun/anti-fashion! This is right up my fashion street!
The hair is worn in a long fishtail plait with the fur head piece attached on top like a big furry mohican, the lips and nails are painted in dark purple hues and the fur is on everything from oversized futuristic sunglasses to your shoes!! There is no limit to your fur adornment this winter! I love my fur coats (yep, all fake) in my opinion you can never have enough of them. So get yours and wrap up this winter, fur mohican optional. 

Watch this space for more personal style posts and current fashion obsessions, I'm off to find all my Fendi inspired garments and accessories, in time for the Big Freeze! Brrrrrrrrrr!

Thanks for following and reading xx

ND xx

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