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Monday, 11 November 2013

No Debutante - Mudhoney

Hello! Today's personal style post is the third and final part to the run of Saint Laurent inspired Winter Grunge outfits that I wore for a week during the latter end of September. Of course, you will definitely see more of this style from me over the coming months but I do get obsessed with certain looks and run with them until I have exhausted my wardrobe or the inspiration runs out and I have my eyes on another look to obsess over (all be it short lived) fashion is fickle and so am I! 

There are three outfits in today's post to bring this current obsession to a close for a bit. I wore the final two outfits to Brisfest which I was lucky enough to get free passes for through my job. Winter Grunge was the perfect style for an early Autumn festival and the weather was great, so I only had to layer up in the evenings. 

The first outfit was worn to work, I am wearing lots of Primark (dress and cardigan) and all of these outfits have been paired with my Dr Martens and I have worn my hair down for continuity with the grunge styling.

The second outfit was worn to Brisfest, I am wearing my beloved new Primark Tartan shirt and have layered it over the new mock leather pinafore dress also from Primark, this fabric is so soft and is a great mock leather, people can't believe it was only £12 from Primark! I have also worn my lace and denim detail shirt underneath the dress for more grunge layering. 

The last outfit features my peephole skater dress from Topshop, it's a very summery dress but I will find ways to wear it during the winter months!! You can't have grunge layering without a top tied around your waist giving that shirt, or in this case, cardigan worn as a skirt look which has been all over pinterest and in Vogue. 
Overall the looks are a subtle grunge style more influenced by Saint Laurent styling than grunge itself.

The final image has been very popular on Instagram so I thought I would show it to you so you can see my cheeky little Brisfest Boys (and friend) hanging out at the Festival. My youngest son Mika has that cynical Jonny Rotten face going on doesn't he?....The little punk!

I shall be back very soon with some more of my current obsessions and fashion moments. I don't understand when other bloggers say they hate it when they run out of content?? I could just go on and on and on....it's probably best I am not able to blog all the time......Thanks for following xx

ND xx

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