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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

No Debutante - Black Sabbath

I am a lover of bright colours and clashing prints so it has surprised me that the next two personal style outfits do not feature any prints at all and a lot of the colour black!?! Which is very unusual for me. Is it the return of 1990s minimalism? Nah, I think it is just a coincidence on this occasion, I have still managed to add a coloured belt here, some printed Converse there and a pink flower in my rockabilly hair-do. So all is not lost for this clashing print and colour mash up girl.

The second outfit was worn to watch my sons play football, yes this girlie, rockabilly pin-up was a Soccer Mom! You won't see me wearing waterproof warm clothing on the side lines of the football pitch, Oh the glamour! I'm not sure how much longer my kids are going to tolerate my style. My oldest son Lucian (9) was disgusted by the idea of him possibly banging into me on the bus home from high school, he's not even going to high school for two years! I promised I wouldn't talk to him...

Thanks for reading xx

ND xx

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