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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

No Debutante - Come As You Are

I really do not like Winter! I hate having to wrap up and layering generally does not seem to suit my style, I feel the cold and have to wrap up and find all these layers very restricting! I would happily go to bed at 9pm on a school night during the winter, perhaps I should just hibernate and reappear around April with maybe a quick week out of hibernation to celebrate Christmas! Winter sucks!

Today's personal style post shows the first outfits inspired by the Saint Laurent AW 2013 collection, it's grunge, it involves a lot of tartan, jackets and boots and is actually an Autumn Winter look that I can wear without hiding my style under my coat.

The first outfit shows the return of my Topshop duffel coat which I have had for years and it still looks like new! I have worn it with my Primark Peter pan collar dress and Dr Martens. I have to be honest it has been a very mild Autumn and I did get a bit hot in the duffel coat but I was happy that I had pulled off the Saint Laurent look using old items from my wardrobe!

The second outfit features my new tartan shirt from Primark, worn over my H&M shirt dress with the Dr Martens again (they feature alot in the next few personal style posts) I think the outfit as a whole looks cute and I am loving the hairs braids. I only had the braids in for a bit to wave up my hair but looking back at the photographs I wish I had worn my hair in the braids all day, I literally grabbed random sections of hair and braided them up and I like the untidy styling, it's very grunge! The last image shows my hair without the braids which is also cute but next time I shall just leave them in.

More personal style images to come followed by current obsessions and other random interests! 
Thanks for following and Happy Guy Fawkes Night to all my UK followers, enjoy the fireworks! Wrap up warm!!!

ND xx

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