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Monday, 29 September 2014

Time Flies

Well, they say time flies when you're having fun (or in my case have too many distractions) I managed to totally miss my 300th blog post! Yes, it was two posts ago! I am pretty happy I have actually found the time for 300 blog posts....in three years! Not quite the one blog post a day that I orignally planned but the blog isn't my life, it's more like a diary....a fashion diary, which is exactly what I wanted it to be when I started it back in 2011. I am glad I have kept the blog going, it could have been easier to abandon it and just stick with Instagram and my Facebook page, which to be honest, are much more instant ways to show the world my daily outfits and current obsessions, with limited text and instant image uploads. I have decided to carry on with the No Debutante blog as it is now a diary and it is more honest than the instant one sentance comments that come with the other social networking sites. You get to know more about a person on their blog as it is usually more text heavy. What do you prefer in a blog? More text and information or more images?? I'll be honest I am an image lover but occassionally I like to know more about the post or generally have more time to read each blog post in full. Which begs the question....Is anybody actually reading these blogs at all? Are you reading my blog post right now? If yes, please leave a comment!

Moving on to today's personal style outfits and linking up with the previous post about my love for oversized t-shirts, here is another way I wear my oversized tees, tucked into little skater skirts and accessorised up!
I love bright coloured tights, it's such an easy way to add colour to an outfit. If you want to add even more colour to your outfit a Kuccia silky bomber is the only way to go! 
Which is your favourite outfit? Tokyo Grunge (as it was named on Instagram) or Bright Kuccia Mash Up? Never hear it be said that a No Debutante outfit lacks personality and sparkle!

 All clothing from 8ball.com, H&M, Primark, Kuccia, Topshop, Tatty Devine and Underground Shoes.

Thanks so much for reading, No Debutante will be back very soon with more fashionista fun.

ND xx

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