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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Late Summer Grunge

It seems I only have time for a weekly blog post these days, I am trying my hardest to find more time to blog but I am no longer kidding myself that a daily blog post is possible. I also have no time to attend fashion weeks (as much as I would love too) like all the other bloggers seem to manage, but I am happy being a mother, an alternative looking mother I guess, but a mother with a massive fashion obsession, who loves to blog!
At the weekend I attended my friends Sarah and Paul's festival style wedding and met a lovely lady from my new favourite on line shop The White Pepper, who introduced herself to me after enquiring if my dress was from The White Pepper, which indeed it was! (The outfit post will follow in the next few weeks!) I had my photo taken for The White Pepper Instagram but amongst the wedding fun and chasing little Sylvie around the festival site, I didn't really get a chance to chat too much. I would really love to do a collaboration with them! Watch this space. 

 Today's personal style post features my new favourite jeans, the Mom jeans, from Topshop. I am really happy to have found a pair of jeans that I love and haven't had to be cut from 1950s patterns for me to even give them the time of day! Don't get me wrong, I love my modern vintage jeans too but sometimes a contemporary item is needed to keep things current. Since I have been running, I have managed to gain a flatter stomach too which just makes me even happier! Not bad after three kids....eh?

The grunge look is still working for me and looks to be hanging around for another season, as my hair colour gets brighter (check out Instagram / facebook to see it now!) and long hair for girls and boys, Dr Martens and plaid shirts have become even more popular rather than a seasonal fad. 

It was a hazy morning when I took these pics, which kinda adds to the mood, I think. I dressed my Mom jeans with a plaid shirt, crop tops, Converse and Dr Martens, with hair worn long and centre parted or up in a messy topknot. Which is your favourite look?

Thanks so much for reading my blog today and don't forget to check out No Debutante on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook for daily fashion updates and inspirations! 

ND xx

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