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Tuesday, 23 September 2014


I love oversized t-shirts, it's no secret, I have been wearing them for years. You have to be confident when wearing your oversized tee, know that you are wearing it for style and comfort but not to hide-away any unwanted lumps and bumps on your body, it's not about that. My love for over sized tees comes from the 1980s trend for over sizing everything and the  early 1990s trend for general massive t-shirts worn by every teenager during this time! 

The t-shirts I am wearing in today's post are both 1990s inspired with skate and surf influences and a bit of day-glo rave culture is in there somewhere too. Over sized tees can be worn with pretty much anything, layered over skirts or dresses, under dungarees and pinafores or with the 90s favourite denim cut offs or faded denim jeans. It doesn't stop there, an oversized t-shirt can be worn tucked in and/ or with the sleeves turned up or if it's big enough, as a dress.

Here are two ways I have worn mine lately but check out future posts for more oversize tee wearing ideas. My t-shirts usually have a skate or band logo on them and come in bright colours but a plain over size tee also looks awesome. Go get yours today!

All clothing from Vision Streetwear, Topshop, Maui and Primark.

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ND xx

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