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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Hey Babe, Your Hair's Alright.....

My hair had been transformed this summer following my decision to go for full on blue hair just before my holiday to Ibiza. Check out all of my summer hair styles before and after the Mermaid blue locks arrived. I do like my hair really blue but I actually prefer it when the colour fades to more of a turquoise blue, it's the hair colour that just keeps on giving and blue never seems to fade! It's a win win colour and lasts so much longer than other bright semi colours. I use Crazy Color products. 

It's not all about the colour though, this summer I have been experimenting with Rockabilly quiffs, waves,twists, victory rolls, 1950s cute pony tails, braids, buns and recently, now my hair is longer, have been wearing my hair down a lot more, centre parted with kirby grips. I have, of course been very grunge and 1990s influenced lately but the 1970s are coming back for me in a big way. Which probably makes sense since during the 1990s the 1970s were a big influence. These things have a habit of  repeat themselves in the fashion cycle. I can almost smell the late 1990s minimalism trend on the horizon! 

Thanks for joining me today and get hair inspired!

ND xx

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