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Monday, 22 September 2014

True Blue Baby

Not content with having blue hair, it looks like No Debutante is loving blue everything! Today's post is inspired by this recent blue obsession.

The first Double Denim outfit was late 80s early 90s inspired, a vintage Wrangler jacket found in my loft which I actually wore during the 1990s, worn with my favourite Topshop Mom jeans, a Breton tee which I've had forever and my trusty Converse and frilly ankle socks.

In the second outfit I am wearing a  laid back and slouchy, crop top and maxi skirt, pretty much the whole outfit came from Primark at one point or another. 

I am not a slave to labels, I wear vintage, thrifted, hoarded items, high street, I don't care, I know I can make it work without splashing out too much money! Sure, I get inspired by the latest catwalk and designer pieces but I usually prefer to recreate outfits that inspire me, this could be the latest looks from London Fashion Week, someone I saw on the street or a vintage style icon from a film, a music video or from a Pinterest image. I just like what I like and dress how I want and if you like it too, then that's cool! 

All clothing from Wrangler vintage, Converse, Vivien Of Holloway, Topshop, Asos and Primark. 

Thanks for checking in with No Debutante today, see you all very soon for more Fashionista fun. 
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ND xx

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