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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

No Debutante - Musical Youth

I have had a ridiculously busy day today and in this hot. hot heat, it is not any easy thing to achieve! I went to a Musical Event at my sons school this evening (after lots of picking up and dropping off) I watched my eldest son Lucian (9) play no less than three times, in a small group guitar performance, a cornet duet and a cornet solo where Lucian had personally asked if he could perform the Superman theme tune at the event. I have to say, Lucian rocked it! I am a very proud Mummy!! 

There are three outfits in this post so let's get talking about them.......

Outfit one  - Vintage Americana summer style, I wore this high summer number on a family walk/ bike ride to the city farm, the weather was great and I knew we would boil so it was time for the Vivien of Holloway gingham bustier to come out of hibernation, since it was so hot I turned it up at the hem to make a crop top, I wore it with my vintage denim cut offs, preppy Converse and a pink scarf double wrapped up in my newly coloured pink hair! Thanks Vikki Mac!! I was very excited when I noticed that Vivien of Holloway herself had liked my Instagram photograph (shown below) Thanks Viven!!! I love your vintage garments!!

Outfit two - The surf print vintage style Topshop dress? Again? Yep! I bloody love this dress, it is so flattering and the best summer dress ever!!! 

Outfit three - Maxi love! I managed to change up this outfit three times in one day, all in the name of fashion daaaaarling......I started off with the sleeveless denim shirt tucked in the dress, it looked good until I realised how creased the shirt was in the photographs, with no time to iron the problem out, I popped on a vest and wore the shirt open as a waistcoat. Perfect, I thought but then the day got so hot I had to knot up the vest and make it a crop top, to stop myself looking too white trash I popped the shirt over the cooler outfit for Lucian's Musical Event, I was still boiling but a lady stopped me in the street and told me she loved my summer look which was much appreciated!!
 It really is a kind thing to tell a stranger that you like their style, I think I should do it more, I often think it but worry a person would think I was weird!! Tell someone you don't really know that you like their style tomorrow, see what happens! Will I actually do this? I might do.....

Phew! There's a few No Debutante fashion moments to keep you going, hope you like what you see and thank you for following me!

ND xx

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