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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

No Debutante - Back to Black

Phew! I have had a busy few days with parties and birthdays, I did get time to take the personal style pics but I have had no time or energy to write a blog post on my chosen outfits, so yet again I will have a back log of outfits to get through. Today I am showing what I wore over the weekend whilst taking seven little boys to the cinema, followed by a day spent at a toyshop and the hospitals A&E dept - a baby with an allergy, don't ask! 
I looked casual for my cinema visit dressed nearly head to toe in black (very un-me like) in a long vest top, leggings and leopard print sandals and I even wore my hair down for a change, I'm still not convinced on that one, If I wear it down I want it to be really long so I can swish it about and play with it! I think that may be a long way off yet....ahem... On Sunday I was rather over dressed for the A&E Dept and toyshop with my victory rolls and crop tops but I was passed caring, the photographs look quite casual though so can't have looked as outrageous as I felt!

Fashion Newsflash.......I am not happy with the dress that I have bought for my friends wedding, which is in two weeks!! When I received the cute Peter Pan collared floral mini dress I was not happy with the A-line cut -they had nipped in the waist on the website, so I thought it would be more fitted. I have come to the conclusion that despite loving and wearing sixties style dresses for years, they actually do not compliment my figure at all!! They are firstly, very short, I know I wear alot of outfits that show off my legs but I do like to accentuate my waist to compliment my rather sporty thighs, so an A-line dress with its lack of waist is a total fashion no-no! The other problem with the dress is that the Peter Pan collar is a bit too tight and won't stay flat, which would bug me. In a last attempt at improving the dress I tried it with a belt, nipping in the waist....the dress is going back tomorrow!! 
So my dilemma is, do I look for another dress? Do I have time? Shall I just wear one of my many dresses?? The dress saga continues.......

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