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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

No Debutante - Vintage and Victory Rolls

I am getting used to this no tights wearing, I am feeling liberated and went for another bare legged day today! I wore my Topshop vintage Americana style skater dress with its tie front peep hole detail, it's a great summer dress and is one of my favourite purchases of the year along with the pleated black maxi skirt. For my hair I went for a double victory roll worn with the leopard print headscarf, I was pretty happy with the results. In the photographs I am wearing my leopard sandals but I swapped them for my red Converse to make things a bit more casual. This was a popular outfit on Instagram too and gained me five new Followers!! Follow me on Instagram here http://instagram.com/nodebutante# I really do not like to boast about these things but I blogged away for nearly two years with hardly any feedback and I just want people to like my blog on it's own merits, I am not collecting followers like some bloggers seem to do, so I find this a very positive thing and I am really happy people like my outfits!

A quick fashion dilemma - Tomorrow I am going to wear some denim cut offs to work (I often do), my friend Cath wore hers with no tights on Friday and this seemed fine but I think my denim cut offs are even shorter than hers, I really do not want to wear tights!! Dare I reveal my legs in the office?? Find out what I wear very soon!

Thanks for reading and welcome to my new Google+ followers!!

ND xx

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