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Sunday, 7 July 2013

No Debutante - Echo Beach, far away in time.....

I am hot, very, very hot!! Are you? How am I gonna cope in Ibiza when I am barely functioning in this great British heat?? I went to Primark this morning for a quick last minute summer holiday shop, it wasn't that successful but I pretty much now have enough crop tops to last me the rest of my life........After my morning shop I decided, since it was so hot, to get the paddling pool out and surprise the kids, the big surprise was I was getting in, the water was freezing but that was sooo nice!!! A quick massivo congrats to Andy Murray for winning Wimbledon for the UK, we've only been waiting 77 Years........Ave it!!

Today's outfits show two different sides to my fashion persona, the first, worn to work and then the pub on Friday, is my 1950s vintage / rockabilly style, I am wearing my 1950s favourite Vivien of Holloway jeans, a striped tee from Topshop and Converse and have my hair up in one of my various victory roll with headscarf up-do's. The second outfit was worn on a very hot Saturday to my boys school summer fair, I spent most of my time face painting, which if I am honest, I quite enjoyed. I decided I was going to do alternative face painting, my boys and a few others went for the Kiss make up but for some reason no child wanted to be David Bowie/ Aladdin Sane lightening bolted up, which was a shame! My outfit is a little rockabilly I guess with the dungarees but it was definitely more of a grunge/ festival style look. I had fresh washed hair and had let it dry naturally and since there was still a bit of backcombing in there it gave it a bit of texture. It actually felt quite long too! It's the first time since I have grown it that I have worn it loose without any hair grips and I quite liked it! I like both looks. Which one is your favourite? 

Hope you liked today's looks and thanks for reading!! Enjoy the sun!

ND xx

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