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Friday, 5 July 2013

No Debutante - Tomorrow Never Knows

I have found a new dress for the wedding! Yey! I cannot reveal the new dress yet but I will confirm that is is from Miss Selfridge. I was given the heads up to check out the dresses in Miss Selfridge by work mate Cath, after an unsuccessful search in River Island and Zara. I checked out the Miss S website and there seemed to be endless SJP type dresses and I went for a borderline SJP dress myself, expect a skater style skirt, again, honestly, it is may favourite shape at the moment and the dress even had pockets and regular readers will know I seem to have an obsession with a dress or skirt with hidden pockets!! I had no idea that Miss S had got so expensive these days, this dress cost more than the Zara dress, to be honest,  I don't think I have bought anything in Miss Selfridge since 2001! Well, it's back on the No Debutante fashion map!

I also fell in love with a silk bomber jacket in Zara, I think I even blogged about it in my Bomber Jacket post earlier this year, it was in the sale but alas it is still more than I am willing to pay. It is deffo one to keep an eye on the website for, it started at £135 and is now down to £75, more reductions please Zara!! The jacket will be mine!

Today's outfits are from Wednesday and Thursday supposedly my working days but we had a very poorly Sylvie Belle who has a virus and kept me up all of Tuesday night meaning I did not get to work on Weds, I couldn't leave the poor thing. I'm dressed in my Gang of Four Tee and denim cut offs and for a change wore my hidden wedge leopard print high tops. I spent most of the day with a hot baby on my lap! 
On Thurs I was in a monochrome mood with my H&M swallow dress and New Look aztec cardigan and brightened things up with a red belt and Converse and my leopard print headscarf, looking retro rockabilly cool. The Instagram photograph of this outfit got the most likes ever, so I was happy.

Every morning I take my photographs of my chosen outfit using my iphone and new camera tripod (always in a mad rush) and then on the more relaxed bus ride to work I post a chosen image from the mornings shoot onto Instagram. Sometimes the photographs I choose whilst I'm half asleep, with my poor eyesight are blurred but nobody seems to care as they are all (mostly) looking from their iphones too. I like to post a pic everyday to show the world what I have chosen to wear. Nobody judges you (well, not to your face) or seems to mind if the image is a bit blurred, they just like the photograph, if they want to and most of my likes are from complete strangers, it's a great community and I love it. There are actually some lovely people out there in this cynical world!
Best social networking tool ever!!
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 Thank you for reading, I am happy you are there!

ND xx

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