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Friday, 3 August 2012

It's too early for that dress.......7 Months Post pregnancy fashion dilemmas

I am sorry for the lack of posts lately, I really am so busy all the time and now it's the summer hols for the kids, I am not getting a quick break to blog during the day - when the boys are usually at school and little Sylvie Belle is having a nap -it just takes me so long to select and crop images before I have even decided what I am going to say on the actual post. I really need to do some extra short 'n' sweet posts to keep the blog updated more often. Here are some more of my style moments for my post pregnancy posts, these images were taken 7 months after Sylvie was born in July this year. The weather was rainy forever here in the UK and then finally, the sun came out....

Quiff week

My hair has been driving me crazy since I have been, very slowly, growing out the much loved undercut, I am now attempting to achieve a cute 1990s britpop bob. Although I can put in the britpop style hair grips I am a long way off from a bob haircut! Boo hoo! In an attempt to style the inbetween hairstyle, the quiff is always a winner.

Check out my cool little dudes above, this was a very difficult photo to achieve as Lucian and Mika seem to have a big problem with standing still!

My Peter Pan collar dress from Primark, Lucian -stripe tee from H&M & red trousers from Primark, Mika - Rock tee from H&M & red hoodie from Primark.

Bright colour & leopard print

Dress from Topshop, cardigan from H&M, red Converse low tops.

1950s Inspired

Dress - Topshop, sunglasses from Asos, necklace from Tatty Devine

Preppy 1950s

Gypsy top & 1950s cut jeans both from Vivien of Holloway

At Home she feels like a Tourist

My lovely husband Phil got me this Gang of Four tee for my birthday from 8ball.com who have a great range of band and rock tshirts. Gang of Four are one of my favourite New Wave bands, I bloody love 'em! I have had several compliments about this tee and I am always hoping that people are not thinking the old cliche 'I bet she has no idea who Gang of Four are.....'

My new dress!

 It's always time for a new dress in my opinion, I picked up this sleeveless shirt style dress with cute swallow print from H&M and paired it with my trusty red belt and headscarf (I got bored of the quiff after a few days....)

I have a second batch of these images so will start putting them up over the next few days, before this I have to choose images from my club night Bang for the facebook page - check it out here www.facebook.com/bangbristol - which was last Friday and was lots of fun and very very hot! Rock'n'Roll! ND xx

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