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Thursday, 9 August 2012

It's too early for that dress - Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas Part 11

This is the second part to the 7 months post pregnancy fashion dilemmas posts, I took a lot of images this month, for once! I have however failed to post short n sweet posts every/every other day, like I said I was going to do, it seems three blog posts a week is my limit at the moment.

 I am pleased to announce that Sylvie now says 'Mumma'! Yey! However, the tone of the way she says Mumma is not like the chirpy, melodic, happy way she sings 'Dada'...Oh no....Sylvie has learnt to say Mumma for one reason only, to get my attention! It's more of a demand if anything, but I shouldn't complain, at least she is saying my name now!

You can tell the weather has finally changed in the UK from the next  set of photographs, I've got sandals on and everything!!

The weather was really humid but it still rained here so at this point I was still in half summer half spring outfits -arms showing legs covered up!
I have sleeked my hair into a short side parting in this pic the wispy sides have not grown properly since I (randomly) shaved them off with my Dad's disposable razor when I was 12, I have been into undercuts for a long time it seems! To conclude, I cannot get those side bits to stay behind my ears for the life of me....it's very annoying!

Dress from Rico at Topshop
I can't actually wear this dress as a dress without wearing leggings underneath, it's so short, my body is really long and the front fastenings open up and show off your pants!! (That's your underwear in the UK for any international followers).

Let's get Physical

I have managed to adapt  the crop top look without revealing any midriff, inspired by American Apparel and the 1980s penchant for aerobic wear. I wear my crop tops over my basic bodycon dresses and layer it up, it creates a new silhouette for me which I like! It is bodycon 80s but made softer with the layering and it conceals the baby belly that secretly still blubbers a bit beneath the clothing!

I have also created crops tops from old vests and tops that I already have, by tying them in a knot at the sides and and twisting up the shoulder straps, the trick is to show off all the layers and to make each layer different on the straps etc.The pink top below was a real cheap, thread bare neon vest that has now been giving a new life!

Black bodycon dress from H&M, Blue crop top from Primark, name necklace from Tatty Devine.

The above pics were taken on my 36th Birthday just before Phil took me and the kids (no babysitters!!) out to my favourite Italian Restaurant in Bristol. I thought I'd dress up for the occasion and wore the  bodycon layering with my wedge boots, that I have only worn twice before, once on Xmas day, they nearly killed me then, I'd just had a baby and didn't have the balance for heels! I also wore them to my cousins 40th in London a few weeks ago but there is no photo evidence as I started drinking really early! Enough said!
I had a great birthday with lots of amazing food, wine and champagne! Mika declared he wanted to go to the Italian restaurant every day for breakfast and that the garlic bread was the best he's ever had! So sweet!
The boots were fine by the way, I just had to concentrate real hard when walking!

Dress as before, Neon vest (customised into a crop top) from H&M, Earrings and Necklace both from Tatty Devine, Cardigan from Primark,  Boots from Office Sale were approx £90 I got them for £20. Whoop!

New leopard mock fur sandals!!
It had taken me until June this year to find the perfect sandals, well here they are, bought them with my birthday money. Right happy!

This top was actually bought as a dress but after the first wash it shrank, even though I followed the wash instructions!! Very annoying! I have been put off buying from this label ever since, which is a shame!
I was on my way to a 5 year olds birthday party (Rock n Roll), it was a very muggy day but I didn't feel like getting the legs out, so a bright backless top, jeans and leopard print sandals seemed like the best thing to keep me cool.

Top (bought as a dress) from Motel at Topshop, Jeans and sandals from Topshop.

Crop n bodycon again! Ignore me though this is all about Sylvie's outfit, it's the white trash, hillbilly, Dexys Midnight Runners (Come on Eileen era) bare chest and dungarees look. Sylvie rocks it!

We were off to watch Sylvie's Daddy play in his band The Relay Rips as part of the annual Bristol Harbour festival, it was the hottest day of the year!!!

Sylvie wears dungarees from H&M Kids

Bright Print Clash

Another hot day and off to the park.......It's the first week of the schools summer holidays, the park was rammed like a bad day in Benidorm! I dressed brightly for the occasion so the kids couldn't lose me.

Neon green vest from and bodycon dress both H&M, Floral leggings by Versace for H&M, Leopard sandals as before.

Hot Summer, Hot Hot summer.....At last...

I finally got a bit of colour.......on my face and...er....arms....a bit patchy some might say...I have fooled you with an almost toned looking (be it very white) torso it was so hot I had to strip off the jeans I had been wearing for these baggy denim cut offs that are also great for hiding my baby podge belly. I have to admit I do look alright and I have pretty much lost all of the baby weight visually, I have not actually weighed myself though, not brave enough I guess. I'm not sure I would venture out of the house dressed like this but for lazing about in my garden it fine.

Top (rolled up into a crop top) from Vivien of Holloway and customised denim cut offs.

I still have a back log of images????? What the?? I think I shall be posting about something different next time, a bit of A/W 2012 fashion perhaps or maybe a style icon? ND XX

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