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Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Kids Are Alright Summer 2012

Some days my boys get dressed for the day and I have to say, they look really cool. Obviously I have purchased most of their wardrobe but every now and again they put an outfit together and I actually think 'I never thought of that!' Or they have just added their own quirky style and quite frankly, it rocks! These are a few examples of this and other moments from the boys from this Summer taken at home, at festivals, on holiday and even at the Olympics. I'm sure I will have more images from our Ibiza holiday but I will add them at a later date.....

I love this look that Lucian worked on Goodrington Sands in Brixham, Devon, UK. He had been playing in the sand (see first image) and then when it was time to go he put his shoes and socks on but left his skinny jeans rolled up and randomly pulled the socks really long. I loved it! It's very Meadham Kirchhoff winter 2012 (a collection that is yet to be blogged about on No Debutante).
Ramones tee from Primark, Skinny Jeans from H&M, Pac Man boot socks from Tesco, trainers from Vans

Mega attitude, over sized skate hoodie, skinny jeans and skeleton wellies and face paint? Yes please!
Hooded jacket from Santa Cruz, Skinny jeans as before, Skeleton wellies from John Lewis.

Aaah! Lucian looks really young here!
Blue hooded jacket from Gap Kids, Skate t-shirt from Santa Cruz, red chinos from Primark and stripe socks from H&M

Mika at the Olympics!

Mika appeared one morning wearing this street inspired number, check out the way he chose to wear one strap undone! I used to do that during the very early 1990s when I was about 13. Phil didn't believe that I had not influenced him into doing it. I don't think Phil did dungarees during the early 1990s! Haha!
Babapapa vest top and dungarees both from H&M

I'm very proud to see my little fashion stylists are coming along nicely. Boys, you rock!
Ok, so I guess it makes sense that now you have seen the boys, it's must be time for another Whole Lotta Sylvie post. Watch this space ND xx

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