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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Topshop Fades to Gray

My Favourite designer of the moment is Louise Gray she really has become my current obsession. I'd like to show you her new range for Topshop which I have been dying to post about since I saw the advert for the collection in my Vogue magazine whilst flying to Ibiza two weeks ago...This will also explain my lack of posts lately, I took a well earned, blog free holiday.....Did you also know that I have now been blogging for a year as No Debutante, I was so excited about my holiday I forgot to mention it, well Happy 1st Year Anniversary to me!!
The collection includes bright sequin childlike prints on everything from tshirts to dresses to leggings all to be worn layered up with other prints and textures. It's a punk, pop, mix print clashing mash up and I love it. The prices range from £6.50 (for a glittery nail varnish) up to £200 (for a sequin dress) I realise that it is a designer collection for Topshop and that the cost of a sequined covered dress would be quite high but unfortunately for me £200 for a dress is a little out of my price range. This will not, however, stop me from obsessing over the range and becoming inspired by it and creating a similar look on my more limited budget!! I love Louise Gray's styling and the look is one that I will find easy to covet. I really, really should do a 'How to wear.... on a budget' post. Get inspired!!!
All images courtesy of Topshop.com, catwalkqueen.tv, graziadaily.co.uk and also available on http://pinterest.com/nodebutante/fashion/

Look, it's me djing at the Louise Gray for Topshop launch party!!! Heh heh! Of course, it isn't really me, but even I did a double take at the photo, I had to add it to the blog post. I can only dream of DJing at Louise Gray's launch party, also, it's clearly not me.....I would have played vinyl!
I love it that Louise modelled her own collection for Topshop, who else could have done it any better?? Just look at her!!!  Obviously I love the styling, the blonde punked hair with the childlike little clips and ribbons in, the glittery make up and the randomly applied eyeshadow and nail varnishes, even the bright coloured blue beauty spot. I love you Louise Gray!!!!!! ND xx

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