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Monday, 27 August 2012

It's too early for that dress - Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas Part 12

It's hard to follow my previous- visually stunning - post on Loiuse Gray's Topshop collection with photos (not quite as visually stunning) of me and what I have been wearing in what will be one of my last posts for the Post-Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas series.
Sylvie is about to turn 9 months over the next week so I have decided any images of me taken from the 28 August will become my style & fashion moments rather than post pregnancy fashion images. I shall have to come up with a new name for the post too.
I have featured a couple of other people in this post and some early pregnancy images of myself, you'll see why in a moment. These photos are all from July this year - yes, I still have a back log of images to post about, but I have been away on my hot Ibiza hols and now need to get through these Summer 2012 images quick, the new Winter season is a-comin'....
This is the outfit I wore to my club night Bang in July. It was the hottest night ever, there was no way I was wearing anything too restrictive. I also had to make the most of wearing summer clothes, we don't see much sun here in the UK.
Neon Pink vesr (customised by me with a side knot) from H&M, the Leather Belt is vintage, denim cut offs customised by me. Name necklace from Tatty Devine.
This is my gorgeous husband Phil, he really did NOT want me to take his photo and blog about him, but I did it anyway, he looked so cute and cool. Here he is rocking the Vintage Americana trend in his Palm tree print short sleeve shirt and vintage fit jeans both from Topman. Cassette belt from Primark, Element sunglasses and Es skate shoes.

 I wish we hadn't cut the feet off of this photo, it would have looked really cute, Fruit Magazine style!! On the plus side, these photos were taken the morning after my club night Bang, just before we went to pick up the kids, we actually look quite good, considering.....
I am wearing black bodycon dress from H&M and Sonic Youth tee from Urban Outfitters.
Here's another person who I made pose for the blog, it's my cousin Claire and she was 18 weeks pregnant here and barely showing, she must be about 26 weeks now I reckon, I am loving the swallow print dress! We were at a family party here, I regret not taking more fashion photos that night, there were many style pic opportunities, unfortunately.......I was hammered....
 I'm always impressed with a pregnant woman in heels, generally your balance is all over the place, it's quite a challenge. I couldn't even dance when I was pregnant with my first son Lucian!!
I thought I would look back through my photo archives to when I was 18 weeks pregnant, I could have sworn I was bigger, I complained enough, I should have been......sorry Phil!
These images are from my first ever blog post!! When I didnt even bother putting make up on (that changed pretty sharpish) I don't remember ever being that skinny, my stomach looks like that now! Ha!

The final images from July 2012
I have taken to tucking in all my big baggy t-shirts into my denim cut offs, you will see more of this in my next post pregnancy blog post.

Gang of Four t-shirt from a present from Phil from 8ball, red sunglasses from H&M, belt and denim cut offs as before. ND xx

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