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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Whole Lotta Sylvie - Part 5

Little Sylvie Belle is about to turn 8 months old next week. She can now sit up alone, feed herself finger food and has two teeth. Her favourite word is Dada - I do all the hard work and not a mention of my name!
I have a massive backlog of Sylvie's fashion moments but shall only be showing pics from the end of May - June on this occasion.
My poor little baby had to go into hospital this week and have an operation on her hand, which was heartbreaking, but I am pleased to announce that all went well and Sylvie was back to her lively, shouting, kicking self within the hour after the op. That's my girl!!

Check out the little piggy tail in her hair, I love having a girl, even if she does REALLY complain when I put her hair up......She's gotta get used to it!  She has no idea how often I used to longingly dream of putting her brother Mika's curly blonde mane up into bunches when he was a baby, I don't think Mika has any idea either....He had a lucky escape...

Sylvie working her Dexys Midnight Runners trailor trash dungarees with no top look!! Must have been a freak hot day! She looks so tiny here.

Crazy hair moments up next! I swear I did not use my curling wand on her hair!

This one looks like I have backcombed it into a quiff and fixed it with hairspray....I didn't....Honest!!! Check out the leopard print babygro, my friend Rudi lent it to me, Sylvie rocks it!!

A couple of images of Sylvie, Mummy and Nan-Nan on our freezing, rainy, camping holiday back in June. Wearing winter clothes...again...Sylvie is wearing a vintage knitted romper that was actually my brother Mike's when he was a baby back in the late 1970s. Love it! Thanks for being a hoarder Mum!!

Converse, you can never have too many pairs of Converse......I really must take a photo of all the Converse in this house, it's quite a collection!

Aaaah! Little Sylvie's hair had grown even more by the end of June and the curly quiff has now left us....boooo! As you can see below, the fringe is getting so long it has flopped forward, it now looks a bit like my own hairstyle which wasn't planned......It wasn't!!!
The weather took a terrible turn throughout June and July so Sylvie was back in her layers, here she works her Vintage dress over her flared jeans with a handmade knitted cardigan. Nice! ND xx


  1. Ahhh, she has grown up so much.....glad the operation went well....She looks like she is going fairXX

  2. Hi Dilly. She's even bigger than this now! Her hair does look fairer but Lucian's did this then went dark. Mika's was a bit ginger then went blonde, but who knows!! We're off to Ibiza soon so she will have bleach blonde hair for a bit! Like Mummy xx


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