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Friday, 2 January 2015

It's 2015! Happy New Year From No Debutante xxx

Happy New Year Fashionistas! Thanks for joining me aka No Debutante for my first blog post of 2015! Hope you had a great New Years Eve, we partied at home with kids and karaoke, a great combination for a NYE party at home, as you can imagine babysitters are pretty hard to come by on NYE! My last post saw me recovering from the standard Xmas bug that gets us all in the holidays and a last post of the year wishing you a Happy Christmas. Christmas was good fun for us with lots happening, those who follow my Instagram gallery will have seen what we were up to.

I thought it best to start the year with a fashion post on What I wore at Christmas. I was totally White Pepper spoilt and received an amazing organza embroidered polka-dot smock dress in pink from my new favourite shop (The White Pepper) from my brilliant husband Phil. I had given him a few clues as to things I might like for Christmas gifts and Phil totally came up with the goods. I was proper White Pepper spoilt! I love my new smock dress and had told Phil I liked both the Pink and the black version, so I left it to him to decide, (if indeed he was going to buy it for me) I wouldn't usually go for this pale pink colour but it looked great on the models on the website and as soon as I put it on, I fell inlove with it! Thank you Phil!!! Coincidentally my son Mika (8) had miraculously managed to buy me a pair of grid check print leggings from The White Pepper too which I totally love. Soooooo White Pepper spoilt! I will show you how No Debutante wears her Grid check White Pepper leggings very soon but you can get a sneak peek if you check out the No Debutante Instagram and Facebook pages, just search No Debutante!

Below are a few personal style pics of my new favourite dress. I'd like to say a little more about the dress first, I hadn't realised but the dress comes as a separate sheer organza smock with a slip dress to wear underneath which makes the dress so versatile as I can wear the smock layered over other coloured dresses and tops and even wear the slip dress on it's own or layered up too! Brilliant! Well done The White Pepper!!
The photos of the dress were taken on Christmas Day, the dress was a perfect party dress and got many lovely comments from family, friends and my social media friends and followers. The White Pepper even liked my photos on Instagram, let's say the dress is a hit! The handsome chap in the photograph with me is my husband Phil, the brilliant White Pepper gift giver, looking dapper in his Topman plaid flannel shirt that I coincidentally bought him for Christmas. Lucky boy!

All clothing from The White Pepper, Primark, Topman, Levis Skateboarding and Adidas.

Thanks for following and have a great 2015! I shall be back with more fashionista fun very soon.

ND xx

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