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Sunday, 11 January 2015

How To Wear Oversized Jumpers No Debutante Style

Check out how I've been wearing my oversized jumper over these wintry months. This particular oversized knit was from Primark, a total bargain, I bought it in a size 18 although I am a size 12. The trick to finding your perfect oversized knit is to try one on at least two sizes bigger than your usual size and, for the brave, even bigger sizes until you find the right one for you. It is a personal choice as I am a lover of oversizing, but alot of people are not too keen on the idea, I can only encourage and perhaps inspire you to try them out, and join me in the wonderful cosy world of oversized jumpers! 
As I have said before the oversized jumper is the new oversized cardigan and looks to be hanging around for a couple more seasons (although this look never really leaves me and is mega comfy for lazy days and really warm too) and there are loads of oversized knits about in the ongoing January sales. I have just bagged myself an amazing cuddly blue oversized jumper from (my new favourite) The White Pepper sales and couldn't resist getting a cheap as chips amazeballs metallic smock dress too but unless you follow my social networking pages you won't have seen the dress yet......May I suggest you start following No Debutante on Facebook, Insta, Twitter and Tumblr for daily ND fashion updates??? Watch this space for the new TWP additions to the ND wardrobe! 

A final little tip about buying oversized jumpers is don't trust the sizing on a jumper claiming to be oversized already (meaning you buy your usual size) these oversized jumpers are seldom oversized enough and I can only recommend trying before buying. I know I am obsessed with The White Pepper but this is for good reason, the clothing is all so generous in size (purposely) as this is the silhouette that makes TWP stand out from the rest, with fantastic styling to boot. Basically, if TWP say it's oversized, then it is, end of!

Here are three ways I have worn my Primark oversized jumper over the past few weeks....

Comfy grunge cool and hanging out in the new loft at Christmas time and paired up with grid print leggings from The White Pepper and comfy socks.

Warm and Woolly layers and more prints, this time from the Meadham Kirchhoff X Topshop glittery striped tights and platform boots to brighten up a cold and rainy morning on the school run.

Casual with Mom Topshop jeans and a topknot in my hair and ready for an afternoon at the Outdoor Ice rink with the family.

I hope these three looks have inspired you, might I also recommend layering your oversized jumper over dresses or wearing your oversized jumper as a dress with denim shorts underneath?? Get your oversized knit today!!!

Thanks for checking in fashionistas.

ND xx

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