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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Sheer Layers

Let's start by getting it out in the open straight away....Yes, this blog post might mention (my new favourite shop) The White Pepper, just in case you were wondering how far the obsession has gone. It is just a coincidence that I got a few TWP items for Christmas and I have also been buying in TWP January sales, so be prepared for more from my new favourite shop.....

I was mega excited when I a received my Organza embroidered Polka dot pink smock dress as a gift from my husband Phil and even more excited when I realised the under slip was a separate item which opened up many styling ideas and layering possibilities. 

Today I am going to show you my first experiment of layering with sheer fabrics and in particular oversized, billowing sheer layers. I have seen it done a few times, the first being, the Queen of layering, Susie Bubble, wearing a sheer, voluminous Molly Goddard smock dress over a printed dress with a layered oversized denim jacket worn over the top, which was then followed by another Style Bubble blog post featuring more Molly Goddard oversized sheer smocks worn over rock t-shirts in a pretty meets grunge style. This sort of anti-fashion styling caught my eye for a second time and I have been on the look out for oversized sheer smock dresses ever since, despite Molly Goddards wonderful dresses being available for a short time at Asos and now I can't seem to find them anywhere (more research needed me thinks)........So, a year passed and finally my new favourite shop came up with the goods, with the brilliant stylist and blogger Toni Caroline at the helm on the Style Me inspiration pages of  TWP online shop with more amazing ideas on how to wear your sheer smock dress! I am a massive fan of styling and inspirational shoots and TWP do not disappoint! So, here's me all inspired up by Susie Bubble, Molly Goddard and TWP and ready to give the oversize sheer layering a shot with my White Pepper sheer smock dress worn over a black long sleeve crop top, Vivien of Holloway 1950s jeans and platform ankle boots. A look that confused many but I am loving it! What do you think??

 Tops four images styling and photographs by No Debutante. Images 5-7 from Style Bubble blog and featuring Molly Goddard Dresses. Final image and styling by The White Pepper.

Thanks for reading Fashionistas.

ND xx

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