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Monday, 19 January 2015

Smock Dress Obsession Part 1 - Grunge Kid

As any follower of No Debutante will know, I have a love and possible obsession for smock dresses. I have so many now I practically have one smock dress for every day of the week (I am currently at six smock dresses and counting....) so I challenged myself to wear all my smock dresses over a week and here is the first of the smock dresses rocked up No Debutante style! 

This plaid smock dress is not as voluminous as my other smock dresses and is more grunge than baby doll, it was purchased from my favourite throw-away fashion store Primark. I've dressed it up with creepers and a messy, sixties inspired bouffant bunches updo in my hair. Cute Grunge! Boom! What do you think?

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