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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Smock Dress Obsessed Part 2 - The One That Started The Fire

Part two of the Smock Dress Obsessed (nearly) one whole week of Smock Dresses challenge begins with the smock dress that started it all. Inspired by The White Pepper (and before I owned a single piece from TWP range) I found this Gingham Smock Dress beaut in the Topshop sale on a quick pop into town on my lunch break from work. I was rummaging with no interest in buying through the Spring Topshop sale with my work buddy Cath and low and behold I found a smock dress, and an oversized one at that! I hadn't tried a smock dress on for years so I had no idea whether I could wear them or not but at least now I had a chance to try one on (the obvious downside to buying online).....it was love at first site, a bloomin' lovely oversized gingham smock dress with pockets! Brilliant! I wore my Topshop gingham smock dress on a summery weekend visit to see my ladies in London and thinking about it now, I cannot wait until the weather warms up and I can wear my smock dresses with bare legs again this summer. Yeah, smocks are super short and if you are a little unladylike and fear showing off your underwear (like me..ahem...) then pop some shorts underneath to keep your dignity....or not....that's up to you! For those ladies who don't want to bare their legs, wear your smock layered over jeans, shorts, leggings or a skirt. Try it on with everything until you are comfortable and you look cool! Work that smock dress girls!!

Here's the gingham Topshop smock worn No Debutante style with Dr Martens, frilly ankle socks and centre parted blue hair. I named this look Vintage Dolly on Instagram which translates as 1960s dolly girl inspired, I guess, I make these titles up on the bus to work!

Righto fashionistas! There's smock dress number two all styled up No Debutante stylee. Outfit number three (and possibly four due to lack of decent images) to follow. Have a great day and see you again soon for more smock dress fun! Now go get yourself a smock dress or three....

ND xx

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