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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Not Very Merry Merry

OH MY GOSH! I have been sick for the past week with what I can only describe as a flu type bug, with a bad cold  and all it's trimmings plus ridiculous tiredness, aches and pains, I could go on but I think you get the picture......I'm still not feeling one hundred percent but thought I really needed to catch up with blogging and you guys! I am afraid, I only have a limited amount of What I Wore images to show as I mainly just wore pyjamas! 
 So, here I am, on my Christmas hols and feeling rather smug that I had managed to buy all of my Christmas presents before I got ill and apart from wrapping them all up, I am actually on top of things for Christmas! Even better news is we have been promised our loft conversion will be completed tomorrow, so we will be in our new bedroom / penthouse suite for Christmas!!

Today's personal style photographs were taken two weeks ago, before I got ill, the first being my day into night outfit for my night out with my work ladies, which was a great night but the beginning of my demise into illness and obscurity. I had dressed up a tee shirt and denim cut offs with a kimono and big (faux) fur coat with my new favourite platform boots, which all worked rather well as a work / after work drinks outfit. 
The item of the day has to be the fur coat.....I have had people stop me in the street when I wear this coat asking me 'where I got my fur coat', I tell them I bought it in the Topshop sale a couple of years ago, it was £90 reduced down to £30, a bargain, this usually distresses the fur coat lovers as they all say the same thing 'Ooooh, why didn't I see it!!???  One girl grabbed me as she was working the big Christmas sale in Lush, shouting 'I love your coat!!!'' over a customer filled shop, she knew it was from Topshop and when I dropped the price bombshell, she dramatically wailed 'Noooooo, why does this never happen to me????'.....I do love a funny fashionista story.....

The second outfit, a no messin' White Pepper smock dress and platforms boots look worn to work with shorts underneath as the dress is rather short!

If this is my last post before Christmas, well, you never know when a phantom illness is gonna strike, then have a goodun'. Merry Merry! 

All clothing from Topshop, The White Pepper, Urban Outfitter and Primark. (Apologies for the low res second image, but its the only one I had to show you the rest of the day into night outfit, I'm sure you don't mind!). 

Thanks for checking in with a recovering No Debutante, see you again, hopefully before Christmas (all being well) for more fashion fun xx

ND xx

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