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Monday, 6 October 2014

No Debutante Vs Marc by Marc Jacobs SS 2015

Get inspired by London Fashion Week for Spring Summer 2015. Today No Debutante gets inspiration from the Marc at Marc Jacobs SS 15 show with monochrome layering, over sized tees and cute top knots in her mermaid hair.
The Dress worn in the personal style pics is by Phlem, an early 2000s fashion label by No Debutante! Hoard Everything!!!

Recreating catwalk styles can seem a bit daunting and expensive, it needn't be. The secret to recreating your own versions of catwalk looks is to use as many existing items already found in your wardrobe with a lot of creativity and perhaps a new item here or there. NEVER try to recreate the look in full, it will look too try hard and it probably won't fit in with your style. Like a magpie take elements from the catwalk and then make it your own. 

I have taken influence from a few of the outfits from the Marc By Marc Jacobs SS 15 collection by Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley. 
The whole collection is inspiring but you can't wear it all at once! Inspired by the monochrome prints, polka dots and layering I created the No Debutante version using a Super lovers tee with a strapless monochrome mix print cocktail dress layered over the top (did I mention I made the dress??). I went for bare legs and black footwear since the weather in the UK was still pretty hot at the time, I would wear tights and possibly a long sleeve under the tee now the weather has got cooler. 
Not being one to hold back on hairstyles I
decided to recreate the Bjork style mohican of topknots in my mermaid hair but a simple single top knot would have looked great too. 

There are so many different alternatives to recreating this look, try using different colour tees, dresses, skirts and footwear, wear it whatever way you like. Oversized t-shirts layered over or under dresses and skirts are the key pieces to this look and monochrome prints look to be a big thing for Spring Summer 2015. 
How do you wear this look for the winter months?? Just add more layers, this can be worn beneath your winter coats with tights and long sleeves layered into the mix. Latex leggings optional! Good Luck fashionistas xx

All clothing from Super Lovers, Topshop and Phlem. 

Marc By Marc Jacobs images courtesy of Vogue.com

Thanks for joining me today!

ND xx


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