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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Modern Vintage Denim

I own a lot of vintage denim, mainly replicas from the 1940s and 1950s era. I buy my vintage denim from Vivien Of Holloway and Freddies of Pinewood and although I do like to wear the full vintage look, I am not dedicated to it, I'm too fickle to stick to one look. I like to experiment with mixing the contemporary and skate / sportsluxe looks with vintage styles just to keep thing fresh, but I will occasionally dive into the full vintage look.

Today I have four (yes, four!) looks to show you with a modern vintage vibe, expect rockabilly, skate wear, sports styling, double denim, grunge, 1940s land girl style and a bovver bomber jacket all worn with vintage cut denim jeans and dungarees.

All clothing from Vivien Of Holloway, Freddies Of Pinewood, Topshop, Vision Streetwear, Primark, H&M, Dr Martens, Converse and Thrift shops. 

Thanks for following. No Debutante shall be back with more fashionista fun very soon.

ND xx

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