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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Primark Sunday & How No Debutante wears it - Autumn Winter 2014

As any regular to the No Debutante blog will know, twice a year I take a visit to Primark to see what they have available for the new season. Today we are looking at what I purchased from the AW 2014 range. 
I usually have an idea of what I need or what I would like to find from the ridiculously low priced, high fashion items that Primark has to offer. I had collected alot of Pinterest images of oversized, grungy jumpers and since I already own loads of oversized cardigans, it was definitely time for a change. The jumper I found was a lovely mint green knit in the softest and most un-itchy wool ever, I say wool, without looking it is probably a polyester imitation wool, but I ain't caring, this jumper rocks it! It is so cosy and cuddly and big, it's perfect for winter, worn alone or layered over dresses, this jumper is great! Speaking of dresses, you are aware of my current obsession with smock dresses right? And of course my love affair with grunge?  Well, howsabout a plaid smock style dress? Yes, please! This dress came in two colourways (that I could find) and I even sent my husband Phil a photograph of the dresses together (see below) to ask him which one I should buy. (Phil is used to this sort of thing) I (we) decided on the red check dress since I already have a blue plaid smock dress from The White Pepper. The Primark smock dress is more grunge than baby doll, it kinda hangs like a shirt and lacks the volume of the White Pepper smock but that cool, it's different. Now? How to finish this look? Shoes....I have been crying over all the amazing but ridiculously high priced, platform style ankle boots that have been around for about a year on the high street but needed something not too high to wear during the day ( I walk alot!) then I stumble upon these platform Chelsea boot style beauties at Primark for £15. I tried them on, fell in love and chucked them in the wheelie trolley without a moments hesitation. Job done! Three great items for under £50 including shoes. Good Ol' Primark! 
I totally rate Primark, it never let's me down. I think the key to a successful Primark shop is to limit the amount of times you visit per year, have a plan, a budget and a time limit and most importantly try it all on! 

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Here are three ways I've worn it so far. Which is your favourite??

All clothing from Primark!

Thanks so much for joining me today here at the No Debutante blog, I shall be back very soon with more fashion fun. See ya later Fashionistas xx

ND xx

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