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Monday, 27 October 2014

Sports Candy

I have always loved mixing sportswear with classic items and denims to create a fresh, street style look. It's a look that can always be updated by mixing new sports items with vintage and contemporary pieces. I do not mix these items when it's on trend, (despite it being all over the catwalks for SS 2015) It's something I have always done and I imagine I always will. I am not really into the label side of sports wear nor am I person who gets home and puts on their 'comfies' so you will never see me casually popping to the shops in my onesie ( I, of course, don't own one).  I seem to like sports wear inspired pieces like bomber jackets, crop tops and over sized tees. I love Americana style sports wear inspired by American football, baseball and basket ball and do own a few vintage Adidas items from the 1970s and who could forget my faithful Converse Allstar shoes, the 'go to' item for everyone who was a teenager during the 1990s, which technically, are a 'go to' item again due to the return of all things nineties! 

Just because an item is labelled sport wear it doesn't necessarily have to have the logo and lounge wear ( I am trying my best not to mention the word Chavvy here!) stigma that come with sports wear. Steer clear of the logos and obvious sportswear cliches and mix your oversized tees over your jeans and denim cut offs or tuck them into your midi skirts, tucked in or tucked out it doesn't matter as long as that t-shirt is oversized! Why not try a crop top with a high waisted skirt or a silky/ embroidered bomber jacket over a dress? It all sportsluxe inspired without a logo or a tracksuit in sight! I am wearing flat sports inspired pumps with today's outfits but you can mix it up with heels for a cool, street style, sportluxe glamour.

Here's three ways No Debutante wears hers!

All clothing from Primark, Vivien of Holloway, Topshop and Converse.

Thanks for joining me today fashionistas, it's the half term for my kids so I am limited for time but I will do my best to be back tomorrow with some more fashion fun! 

ND xx

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