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Thursday, 16 October 2014

My Kimono

With fashions continuing obsession with the Far East and all things Japanese the Kimono has become a popular item to be seen in. I love my silky Kuccia bomber jacket and It was a natural progression that my second silky purchase would be a Kimono. The Kimono in question is from Urban Outfitters who have an array of fantastic Kimonos available. 
I thumbed this Kimono on several shop visits before I actually bought it, which is very unusual for me, I'm usually a 'See it, Buy it' type of girl! It wasn't until I found the large sized Kimono to suit my ongoing oversized obsession and a bonus half price sale that I took the plunge and bought my lovely black, embroidered and tasselled Kimono and I definitely have not regretted it!
Check out how I wear my Kimono and go get yours to wear layered up for winter or worn as a cover up on a night out. The Kimono isn't just for the summer! 

All clothing from Urban Outfitters, Primark, Topshop, denim shorts customised by No Debutante.

Thanks for checking in fashionistas. 

ND xx

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