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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Lush Tartan

Firstly can I say a massive thank you to everybody who has liked my No Debutante Facebook page, I had an overwhelming response from Facebook friends alone and there's me thinking I'm just blogging away by myself! I am so happy! Thank you Thank you!
If you would like to check out my Facebook page either click on the Facebook badge to the right of the blog page or click here. I only launched the Facebook page yesterday so it is definitely in need of more content but I do promise to upload all of my Instagram personal style pics on a regular bases, add many more images and inspirations and link all my new blog posts to the page. Next step for me? Twitter? Nope, No Debutante isn't even a tweeter yet, all this to come very soon. Why has it taken me so long? I guess it is having the time and the idea of how I want the Facebook page to work for the blog, I seriously wish I could blog so much more too but three kids and a job makes this impossible. I am in a happy place with my blog though, I know my audience and I hope you all know me by now?

Another lovely story, this actually happened to me today..... An old lady who lives across the road from me, whom I had never spoken to in the 10 years I've lived in my house until today, gave me a parcel with some cute retro hand knitted cardigans for my daughter Sylvie and also gave me some original 1940s nylons sent to her from an American friend during the war. She wanted me to have them because she loved the way I dressed! Mary is 83 years old. It was the nicest thing ever!! Thank you Mary!!! Today was a good day xx

Today's personal style photographs features my lovely Tartan skirt from Topshop. I spotted this little tartan number a few months ago but had no idea how I would wear it (like most of the clothes I buy to be honest, but this random purchase buying seems to work for me). I decided to go for a grunge look but it ended up a bit more 1990s Britpop than grunge, in a skinny tee, Converse and pigtails, a little bit like the girl band Lush, I thought. I still wasn't too sure about the look the day I wore it but I am quite happy with the results looking back at the photographs. I then became over confident with the tartan skirt in the second look and wore it with a crop top and an unbuttoned sleeveless denim shirt with creepers and a quiff / bouffant which was much more of a Rockabilly Modern Vintage look in the end. Apologies for the poor quality pics on this outfit, I was in a hurry to go out and party for my bro and Naomi's birthday and time is precious for this fashionista!!

All clothing from Topshop, Super Lovers, Converse, Underground and Primark.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and I shall be back very soon with some more personal style pics and other fabulous fashion moments.

ND xx

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