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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Primark Sunday Spring / Summer 2014

It's that time of year again when I get a Sunday all to myself to do a big Primark shop for the current season. Today's Primark Sunday is all about shopping for Spring Summer 2014 and it was certainly inspired by a hot, hot summer holiday in Ibiza and surf style.

My obsession of the day was definitely the Maui collaboration with Primark, my husband Phil started off my interest in Maui by asking how Primark were allowed to get away with ripping off Maui, or so he thought, as we drove past the Bristol Primark window display. I had to go and investigate this, so called, Maui ripping off but was pleasantly surprised to find it was indeed a Maui and Primark collaboration! The range is so late 1980s early 1990s beach style, think surf shorts, logos, neon vests and Hawaiian prints mixed with Vision and Stussy retro skate style, I just loved it! I loaded up my Primark bag with everything Maui and tried it all on, managing to cut down the amount of Maui purchases to the ones you will see below. It didn't stop there......I got into the kids dept and there was the coolest range of Maui t-shirts, vest tops and shorts for boys, I had to restrain myself from buying the whole collection so I just got my two sons a Maui top each, we don't want to go around looking like the Maui family. However, I also checked out the mens dept and there were even more Maui items, I have told Phil who is also interested in having a browse, I feel another Maui/ Primark shop coming on.....I have to mention that being a reputable brand you would think that the Maui items would be a bit pricey but I am happy to say it is the opposite. The prices are the same as the usual Primark bargain prices, it really is a brilliant range, go check it out!

I didn't just return home with a bag full of Maui items, I also bought little Sylvie some more of the, cheap as chips, Kawaii print t-shirts, aztec trousers and some flip flops. For myself, as well as the Maui haul, I bought more frilly ankle socks, an aztec bag and two pairs of white shoes. White shoes are everywhere this summer and I thought I'd try out some cheaper versions from Primark. I really love the creeper style high tops, they are so comfy but I am afraid to say the (rather flimsy) white sandals have already become a casualty of the summer and have broken, which was a little disappointing. I really loved the style of the sandals though so it has inspired me to perhaps splash out a little more and get a better quality pair elsewhere! The final garment for myself was a sleeveless monochrome checked shirt. I am loving this shirt and have worn it loads of times already, watch this space for how I wear it! 

In conclusion, I managed to buy all of this for under £100, apart from the broken shoes, it's brilliant value for money! I love Primark!

All clothing from Primark. (above photograph clothing from Primark, H&M and Underground)

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