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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Hey Babe, Your Hair's Alright.....

I can confidently say that I never run out of things to do with my hair. I have a massive collection of hairstyles on my Pinterest Hair Inspirations board so if I ever run out of ideas I check out my latest pins and have a go at the style! The best advice I could give anybody about trying out new hairstyles and updos is......just do it! Nobody knows (or cares for that matter) whether you have done it correctly or neatly, the fact is you've had a go. I can honestly say you will get more compliments for your new look than any cruel remarks, just act confidently and people will just be very complementary, I promise! I think the same thing about fashion styling but that's a whole different story, it's all about the hair today!

Two months ago, I had no idea how to do a french braid / plait, so I am really happy to be able to show you the braids I have managed to create on my own!! I am just loving braids and plaits at the moment for two reasons, one my sista fashionista Selena from Foxtrot Hair fame (check out the Dilly Debutante photo shoot collaboration here for those who missed it) is fantastic at braids and I was lucky enough to have her create some amazing braided styles in my hair which I loved, I am not able to braid around the back of my head yet, plus, I just like other people doing my hair for me! The other inspiration comes from Game of Thrones' Khaleesi's amazing platinum braided styles plus braids and plaits have been all over the catwalks too. I Love Braids!!

The Braids really have pushed aside my rockabilly victory rolls from the past year or so but that doesn't mean I will stop victory rolling my hair up, it just adds to the variety of styles in my hairdo collection, which I love! I have also become more inspired by the 1960s bouffant lately, I have been backcombing my hair for years but having longer hair I am now able to create longer looks with curls and bunches, the possibilities are endless!!

So check out the selection of hair styles and updos from May this year, I have so many different photographs that it looks like a hair post could become a monthly thing. I must apologise that the quality of a couple of the images isn't that great but alot of these pics were taken on the go, at least I had time to do my hair!! Expect flowers, finger waves, Victory rolls, pink hair, blue hair, curls, braids, backcombed bunches, buns, mermaids, quiffs and twists! Phew! All hairstyles by No Debutante. Hair colour by Vikki Mac. Which is your favourite?

See what I can do in a month? Get inspired and start styling up your hair today, practise makes perfect.....but not too perfect please, we are not looking for perfection!

Good Luck and thanks for following fashionistas. Join me very soon for more fashion fun!

ND xx

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