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Monday, 19 May 2014

When I Wake Up In My Make-Up......

Finally summer has arrived and I can leave the house in a pair of shorts and no tights! Whoop! Today's personal style post features outfits from a few weeks back so there shall be no legs on show today! To be honest, those shorts look kinda short, in fact you can't even see them beneath the oversized vest top, perhaps it's best I had the tights on!

I was going for a grunge inspired look with the first outfit, after seeing a nostalgic nineties photograph of Courtney Love and Drew Barrymore. I am wearing my sequined front Jimi Hendrix vest from Primark (as are the barely there shorts) with Dr Martens, Topshop bomber Jacket, a Tatty Devine necklace and pinned back braids in my rainbow hair.

The second outfit is more Rockabilly, with a striped top and floral skater skirt, print clashing it up and worn with frilly socks and Topshop plimsolls. I have also styled my hair into a one sided plait, Rockabilly style, I was so excited when I actually achieved this style as my hair just hasn't been long enough until now, I finished the look off with a quiff and a flower accessory for the full vintage Rockabilly experience.

What's your favourite outfit of the day? Grunge Chic or Rockabilly Print Clash?

Thanks for joining me today, I shall be back tomorrow for more No Debutante fashion moments!

ND xx

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