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Monday, 12 May 2014

How I Wear......Circle Midi Skirts

Hey Hey! Bloggers and Fashionistas. Hope you had a great weekend? Mine, of course, was rammed with events including a 40th Birthday Party, a wedding party in another city, lots of catching up with old friends and a fun filled time at my club night Bang!! Yes, I am tired but there is always time for a bit of blogging!! 

Today I am sharing my love for Circle Midi Skirts. I have always loved them and for Christmas my lovely husband Phil bought me one from my favourite vintage shop Vivien Of Holloway, which you may have seen me wear on my blog before. Since then I have found a second skirt, this time in tartan and from the Topshop concessions label,Loving Youth. I got it for about £11 in the Topshop Spring sale, MEGA BARGAIN! 

My only dilemma was how I would wear my Circle skirts? I have circle skirt dresses which are very glamorous and 1950s retro but I want to wear my circle skirts during the day too, dressed down. So, in my aim to make all items of clothing work for any occasion, I have Modern Vintaged the Circle Midi Skirt up in a dressed down style. On these occasions my chosen footwear is a trusty ol' pair of Converse with a sleeveless shirt tied at the waist or a crop top, I found this is the best way to emphasis the waist with these Midi Skirt beauties. Do not forget to emphasis the waist! A circle skirt will emphasis the hips and bottom so you need to nip in the waist to make the look more flattering, a tucked in top would work for the less brave! Now go out there and get yourself a Circle Midi skirt, they are all over the high street, so no excuses!

All clothing from Vivien of Holloway, Topshop, H&M, Converse and Primark.

Thanks so much for following and reading my blog and I hope to be back tomorrow with more fashion fun!

ND xx

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