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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My Mom Jeans!

I love my Topshop Mom jeans! They are a slim boyfriend style jean with a higher waist rather than a slouchy boyfriend waist and pretty much tick all my requirements in a pair of jeans. High waist? Tick. Not skinnies? Tick. Can be turned up at hem? Tick. Comfortable fit? Tick. 
If there is one thing I cannot bear it is trousers falling off my arse or anything that creates muffin top, a look due to be a thing of the past, when people who have no business wearing low waisted skinnies stop wearing them and hopefully see the more flattering light of the likes of the Topshop Mom jeans! I guess it would help if people wouldn't insist on wearing a size smaller than they actually are, I really couldn't care what size my clothes are, I keep trying all the sizes on until I get the fit I am looking for. I know  people who refuse to buy a size over a certain size, they have a size limit, which I think is ridiculous. Who is actually looking at the size of your clothes and judging you? I choose to buy the 32" waist Mom jeans which makes these jeans a Size 14 in the UK, my measurements make me a Size 12  but I like to have a slightly looser fit in jeans and these fit me so well!

The Mom jeans are really flattering and are not too snug on the waist so look great with tucked in tops and even crop tops. I love the retro late 1980s / early 1990s look about them, it's refreshing after years of  skinnies and for me a different look from my vintage 1940s/50s jeans, which I still love, of course! I am pleased to see a lot of people (male and female) embracing the Mom style jeans, after the ocean of skinnies, it's been a long time coming!

 All clothing from Topshop, H&M, Primark, Undergound at Office and Tatty Devine.

 Thanks for reading. Join me again soon with more fashionista fabulousness!

ND xx

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