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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Modern Vintage Denim

The Bank Holiday weekend has put me all off kilter with my blogging. My husband Phil is out at band practise and usually a Wednesday night is reserved for a bit of me time after a busy day back at work (Wednesday is my Monday and also my most manic day at work) but then I realised I had only blogged once this week and with a very big weekend ahead - Djing at my club night Bang AND a wedding party to attend in another city the following day (whilst juggling children might I add) - there is not a chance I will get to blog again until next Monday! Phew! 

Here it is then, the final blog post of the week from No Debutante. As I was filtering through the next set of personal style photographs I realised that my little Sylvie Belle featured in the shots from this particular day and was wearing a lovely bit of modern vintage denim just like her Mummy. So yes, it really is a mother / daughter photo shoot Sylvie is going for the 1970s look whilst I'm rocking a bit of 1940s style. Check out how Sylvie and Me wear Modern Vintage Denim! 

Awww! Sylvie belle you really are a cutie!! 

All clothing from Freddies of Pinewood, Primark, Topshop, Underground, Zara, Next and Little Bird by Jools at Mothercare.
Thanks so much for reading. I shall be back asap with more fashion fun and current obsessions!

ND xx

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