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Saturday, 24 May 2014

I Would Go Out Tonight But I Haven't Got a Stitch To Wear.....

Hiya! I've got a few spare moments to share another personal style post with you. What have I been up to lately? Well, my hair stylist Vikki Mac turned me into a mermaid with blue and green hair and today we went for a family trip to a surf shop to kit ourselves out for our next body boarding adventure next week, I have romanticised this as you can only imagine how stressful it was trying on wetsuits on a muggy day with three hungry kids and my husband. After many changes of wetsuits we managed to get everything we needed and I am happy to say there will be no more dodgy wetsuit hiring for this family! Photos of my mermaid hair and the wetsuit family to come soon!

Today's post is inspired by dresses and how I love them, the dresses are both skater style and short and here are the ways I wore 'em! 

I have a habit of tomboying up any look and today I have mixed both the girlie dresses, hair and ankle socks with the boyish creepers and pumps. I do love a pair of coloured tights and loved the way these blue tights looked with my black H&M dress and Topshop pumps, making a change from my usual black tights rut that I seem to get myself into! I also love those polka dot frilly socks from Toppers! Which is your favourite look?

All clothing from Topshop, Miss selfridge, H&M and Underground. 

Thanks for joining me today!! Fashion Fun Forever!


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