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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Spring Denim

Denim is massive this summer and I am a denim lover! It really doesn't matter to me whether it's in or out, denim is always in for me. Of course, everybody owns a pair jeans regardless of what the fashion police dictate and most people change their styles of jeans following each trend rather than stopping wearing denim all together. I love anything in denim, jeans are a mere tick on my list of denim obsessions. Denim dresses, jackets, bags, shorts, shirts, I draw the line at denim underwear but I did own a denim bikini once!

Now we have established that pretty much everyone likes denim and I perhaps have a denim problem, let's look at a couple of ways I have been wearing denim this Spring and dream about the summer when denim shorts worn with no tights and denim dungarees worn with a vest top and flip flops are part of my daily wardrobe! Oh Summer, please hurry!

The first look features my Freddies Of Pinewood denim dungarees and is very modern vintage inspired. I had also given myself a small bouffant (at the time I thought it looked massive) and tied my denim blue hair up into a sixties updo.

The second look is more contemporary, if not a little bit 90s Grunge and features my latest denim purchase, a denim slip dress from Topshop, worn layered over a t-shirt with American Apparel tube socks, inspired by 1970s skaters. A definite mix of eras for both looks!

Thanks for reading today or just looking at the images (if that is what you are doing I guess you won't be reading this anyway) well, thanks......I'm happy you could join me.

I shall be back very soon spreading the fashion love.

ND xx

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