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Sunday, 20 January 2013

No Debutante - Hello

Since my last post, we've had a bit of snow here in Bristol and my kids finally got to use those sledges that we got them for Christmas, two years ago! I got an unexpected day off work, thanks to the snow and nearly didn't make it to the planned studio photo shoot collaboration with my photographer friend Mark Sewell. Thankfully the roads were cleared yesterday so watch this space for the next instalment of the collaboration.
Here are the second lot of images showing what I've been wearing since Christmas taken with my usual little Sony digital camera.

Look at my lovely Antoni and Alison purse that my husband bought me for Christmas. I always love the Antoni and Alison vacuum packaging, so I had to show it to you! This purse is so useful, it's longer than a usual purse and I can fit my phone and ipod in too!! I love the childish punk prints and Antoni and Alison were my new favourite shop back in the 1990s....Oh, Antoni and Alison, it's been a long time but I still love you!! Check out the website here http://www.antoniandalison.co.uk 

My latest pair of 1940/50s style jeans from my new favourite shop Freddies of Pinewood (also a present from Phil) worn with my oxblood Dr Martens which I was lucky enough to blag from the recent shop launch, attended by myself, Rudi and Mark Sewell back in October 2012. I seriously have a Dr Martins problem at the moment, they had a half price sale on the other day and I didn't leave the shop empty handed. Whoops! Watch this space for my latest purchase!

More new shoes?? Yes, another present from my husband (yes, I was totally spoilt this year) These leopard print Topshop high tops come with a removable wedge heel that you put into the shoe. I haven't actually worn them without the wedge yet, they look great on and I thought I'd pair them with a bit more leopard print...You can never wear too much, I say.

OK, here's a brief explanation about those monstrous sized decorations behind me in these photos. Phil and I put them up after having one too many mulled wines on Christmas Eve as a surprise for the boys on Christmas morning - A kind of Santa's grotto, if you will - we did mean to take them down but they managed to stay up for two weeks! Was the reason for this that we didn't have time to take them down? Was it sheer laziness or did we secretly (blatantly...ahem!) Quite like them? Enough said..

Leopard print bodycon, red ankle socks and brothel creepers! Oh, and Phil's new skate deck.......See I did treat him this Christmas too!!

Check out my new Tatty Devine pink lightning earrings!!
Quick secret....This jumper has been in the bag it came in since last Christmas....That's bad, isn't it? Don't judge me, I'm wearing it now....

More land girl style in my new jeans!
I'm really loving the bigger jeans and Dr Martens boots look for this Winter, it's so masculine but also 1950s cute worn with stripey tops and big knits.
My next post will be the studio photo shoot collaboration with No Debutante and Mark Sewell. Very exciting!! Watch this space!! ND xx

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