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Friday, 25 January 2013

All day I dream of Victory rolls....

Whilst I choose the images from the second No Debutante and Mark Sewell Photoshoot collaboration (and slowly get over yet another bad cold....) I would like to share some images that I have been swooning over from my Pinterest Hair board. http://pinterest.com/nodebutante/hair/ 

As you may know, this time last year I had an undercut and have spent the last year growing out the undercut in a hope that I may very soon have long hair....So far, this is not the case....

My hair grows, very slowly, and at the moment I appear to be sporting two haircuts in one, the top layer is just below my ears and the bottom layer is nearly on my shoulders.....It's practically a mullet....this is why I always wear my hair up. Unfortunately what  I am actually aiming for is lovely long hair to put up into victory rolls, linking in nicely with my current obsession with the 1950s.

I am now tired of waiting and, as always, have been considering short hair again, I don't seem to have the patience for all this growing your hair out - in between styles malarkey.
Here are some of my favourite images to help me persevere a bit longer!

Rockabilly, vintage, 1940s/ 1950s style - Call it what you will  - I need it!

My main problem is that my hair is fine and I have a small head, so I cannot keep a headscarf on without backcombing my hair to double its size. I would wear a head scarf all the time in this growing out -in between stage -but it isn't to be and also mass backcombing is an old obsession of mine, it's over! I need long hair NOW....before I cut my hair into a short fringed platinum Karen O inspired bob cut - that has recently caught my eye! ND xx

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