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Friday, 4 January 2013

Hoochie Coochie Halloween Oct 2012 - Rock and Roll All Night!

Happy New Year and all that.

 I personally did not get to have a very sociable New Year (missing my brothers 1950s NYE Party) due to a random illness, nothing new from me there, if there's an illness to be catching this winter, I seem to catch it! Instead I sat up with my kids and Phil and watched the film - School of Rock, which the boys loved and became inspired, starting an impromptu band rehearsal in the garage (where we so happen to have a set of drums) the next day. It was very cute.
I sadly, do not have any images of the garage band but I do have some images from Hoochie Coochie Halloween that I hadn't shown you yet. I still have another lot of Bang and Hoochie photos to show you, but that will come, in between fashion posts, over the next few weeks!
 Our chosen outfits for the Halloween spectacular were Kiss Zombies.
The event took place in Bristol Museum, if it's good enough for Banksy.......It was a fantastic venue, despite a lack of bar service which unfortunately ruined the night for some, I personally, felt honoured to DJ at such an event with my brother and fellow Bang DJ Mike, and our lovely Bang roadies /ornaments Steve and Naomi. Phil could not attend the event due to a lack of babysitters...boo hoo! There are only a few images to show you and I thought it would be a shame not to post about them, even if they are a little late in coming.

That's where we DJ'd, up there, above the stage on the balcony!! It was soooo surreal! Put it this way, on the opposite platform to us was the best-preserved dinosaur ever found in Britain - the Scelidosaurus....As I said, very surreal!!

Here's to the first of many, many posts in 2013 -One of my new years resolutions is to blog more......We'll see how that goes.......Ahem!...ND xx

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