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Monday, 14 January 2013

No Debutante - I love Dungarees!

I have been busy this week with painting vintage wardrobes and planning my club night Bang's 10th Birthday Bash - one extreme of my life to the other. I can't say I am ever bored or have nothing to do! I like to give myself a project or ten and still manage to have no time for any of them. This evening I am planning another collaboration with the photographer Mark Sewell, which is very exciting. Watch this space for evidence of all the above!!

I have a new obsession, well it's been an obsession for a while but I couldn't get my hands on what I wanted for ages and then, like buses, two pairs of dungarees come along at once!! Yes, dungarees are the new obsession or overalls as they say in America. 
So, I have been looking for the correct pair for, at least, a year and then I find a pair beckoning me in Topshop, the fit and shape of these Topshop dungarees are perfect, my only beef with them is the stupid worn effects on the knees that managed to rip on first wear. I hadn't even noticed this when I first got them - this is the price you pay when you go clothes shopping with a baby! I thought Topshop would know by now that the whole customising jeans thing is so ten years ago, I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I would prefer my jeans to be worn away naturally. I won't go on.
Obviously, I am still wearing the Toppers dungarees but I am slightly bitter about the whole subject!

The second pair of dungarees were bought for me by my lovely husband Phil as a Christmas present from my new favourite vintage shop Freddies of  Pinewood. It was a surprise to receive the retro 1950s style dungarees, a very welcome surprise!! The fit and shape of the 1950s dungarees is fantastic, the legs are very long and wide, leaving plenty of room for the obligatory, turned up hems, I love them!!!
This is how I wear dungarees.

The Topshop Dungarees

The 1950s Dungarees from Freddies of Pinewood

My new Tatty Devine necklace a present from my sons Lucian and Mika for Christmas!

As you can see, I have been wearing my new dungarees alot lately. Which ones do you prefer? And how do you wear yours?

 ND xx

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