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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My Girl Lollipop

 I have always been a bit of a tomboy who also happens to dress real girlie sometimes....what's wrong with that? As an opposite to my androgynous boy side I also have a child like, dressing up. girlie side.
I have always loved the 1960s Dolly look which made the model Twiggy a fashion icon. I love the basic, childlike outfits of the era and those eyelashes! I once heard Twiggy say on TV that she would put on a few sets of eyelashes and then about 8 layers of mascara to get the look! I am always a fan of dolly style make-up, I love the dolly rouge on the cheeks, worn with those eyelashes and the side parted mod like hair style.
I started using child like hairstyles on my hair as a teenager during the early 1990s circa Bjork Debut era, I loved Bjork's style and the way she styled her hair and coveted it.
Around the same time there was a new underground culture emerging in Harajuku in Japan, this was documented in Fruits Magazine by photographer Shoich Aoki who photographed street fashion portraits within the suburbs of Tokyo.
Many of the portraits featured cute and childlike styles.
Fruits achieved cult status in Japan during the 1990s and more recently mainly thanks to social networking, worldwide cult status.
I personally didn't find Fruits until about 1999 when I found the newly published Fruits Book on the shelf in Selfridges and had to buy instantly! I had seen some fashion images of Harajuku kids in magazines but not on this scale!! Since then, I have been obsessed with Fruits Magazine and Japanese Street style culture, so much so that for our honeymoon Phil and I went to Tokyo and got to hang out in Harajuku on a Sunday, despite the scene not being quite as big as it was during the 1990s, I still loved it and got to be a Harajuku girl for a day!

Oversized hair bows and child like graphics.

1960s Dolly Style

Fruits - the book that started my Harajuku obsession!

1990s Bjork style

Retro child like prints, baby pastels and dolly styles at Meadham Kirchhoff  SS 12

Child like styling and outfits made from hand painted pastel net curtain fabrics by New Zealand fashion graduate Ella Barton Buchanon via my favourite blog Style Bubble!
I want Candy!

Cute styles from Annikavictoria and Wonderlandharu who I follow on fashionfinder.asos.com

Child like make-up and accessories

Baby doll dresses

White ankle socks and DMS!

Cute hair styles in bright colours and geek chic

Since there will always be children, this child like dolly style will remain and although it will adapt to become more contemporary with each scene and trend, the inspiration behind it will remain timeless and I certainly hope to continue to be influenced by it and hope to become the eccentric old 'fashion obsessed' lady that I aspire to be! ND xx
Thanks to all below for the wonderful images via my pinterest Fashion board! http://pinterest.com/nodebutante/

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