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Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Relay Rips - Oh Touche video

Oh my gosh! I haven't posted on my blog for a week! I could blame lack of sleep or lack of  time with the kids being off for the Easter holidays but I reckon it's the sunshine, in an unusually, very hot March, that has kept me away. All we Brits do is stay outside when the sunshines, as a British summertime is rare phenomenon these days. When else would we have the chance to top up on vitamin D and to wear our summer clothes?

As promised here is the first music video from The Relay Rips performing Oh Touche from their debut album of the same name filmed by Gavin Strange in the Shake King milkshake bar in Bristol, UK in 2011. As I said before The Relay Rips are about to release their second album also recorded at Toybox Studios, you can get their first album Oh Touche on  iTunes or Spotify.

I love this video! Check out my husband Phil on trumpet, my brother Mike on vocals / guitar, Steve on drums/ vocals and Jake on Sax! I love the jerky movements, it's a little spooky, in a good way. The Relay Rips used to rehearse in this milkshake bar every week (before it sadly shut down - damn recession!) and passers-by would watch them through the shutters as you will see on the film. More videos to come soon. ND xx

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